Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos Honouring Their Late Dog

Last week Sophie and Joe's pup Waldo was killed by a car in New York City.

The Alaskan Klee Kai reportedly was "spooked by a pedestrian", which caused Waldo to run into the road where he was struck by a car.

According to TMZ, the couple were so distraught that they didn't file a police report for a few days, instead, they sought therapy following the accident.

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The couple got Waldo in early 2018 after they had adopted his brother Porky from the same litter and decided Porky needed a companion.

To honour their lost pup, the couple got matching tattoos, with both sharing snaps of their new ink on social media. Both got Waldo's face, two different coloured eyes and his tongue sticking out, on their arms.

The 'Game of Thrones' star captioned the snap, "Rest in peace my little baby".

According to outlets, the driver will not be charged for Waldo's death -- which a rep for the Jonas brother referred to as a "freak accident". TMZ reported that the driver had not yet been identified however if they were, because Waldo is considered 'property' then "the incident is viewed as an accident".

The pair have been keeping Waldo's brother Porky close by, seen walking him in the city just days after the accident.

Featured image: Instagram.