Armie Hammer Blasted For Posting Bizarre Infant Toe-Sucking Video

Bet you never expected to read that headline...

In what undoubtedly has become the strangest news of the day, 'Hotel Mumbai' star Armie Hammer posted a strange video of his two-year-old son Ford sucking on his toes.

“This happened for a solid 7 minutes,” Hammer captioned the clip that was uploaded to Instagram Stories, along with the hashtag “#footfetishonfleek”. Meanwhile, wife Elizabeth Chambers can be heard in the background saying: “This is not normal”.

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The video has since gone viral and received major backlash online, with many branding the clip as "strange" and questioning why the actor would put up such a thing in the first place.

"I already know Armie Hammer is gonna come out with a note app tweet where he blames the internet for ruining everything/turning everything into something sexual... No sir that's just NOT normal," one Twitter user wrote.

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The video has since been deleted, but not before it was picked up by publications worldwide.

Hammer's wife -- and mother of Ford -- Elizabeth Chambers has since come out defending her husband in a comment posted to Perez Hilton's Instagram, saying:

“It wasn’t seven minutes … more like five seconds. Our son likes to play with people’s feet and I put the video on our family stream because this phase is an ongoing joke,” she wrote.

"Sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on A’s part, but I can assure you that our children’s safety and wellbeing is always our first priority."

Image: Instagram

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