Ariana Grande Is Getting Slammed By Fans For Making A Joke About JonBenét Ramsey

Ariana Grande has found herself in hot water after a comment she made on her close friend's Instagram sparked anger from her dedicated fan base.

Basically, Doug Middlebrook -- one of Ari's inner circle -- posted a picture of JonBenét Ramsey on a tabloid cover -- as in the 6-year-old former beauty pageant queen who was brutally murdered in 1996 who's killer has never been found.

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Captioning the image, “No one has ever done more covers,” Ariana replied in the comment section: “I can’t WAIT for this to be your Halloween look”.

Doug then responded that he’s “working on [his costume] already.”

While such dark humour wouldn't be abnormal in the confines of a group chat, with the comments being publicly visible to Ariana's fans, many of them were quick to call out the exchange, labelling her comment as "disgusting".

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Ariana later deleted the offending comment and posted to Twitter to apologise to fans and saying that "dark jokes are a coping mechanism" for her.

"Yeah no, I deleted it very quickly and understand that it’s not at all funny. This was out of pocket and I sincerely apologise,” her first tweet read.

She continued, "Love u [sic]. F**k. I appreciate you. sorry, I'm so fucked up. Dark jokes are a coping mechanism for me and yet I hate when other people make them. Thank y'all for being real & always helping me learn. I'm happy I have a fanbase who's not afraid to call me out on my sh*t. Love u."

Meanwhile, others have pointed out that if someone were to joke about the Manchester bombing -- which took place at the end of Ariana's concert in May 2017 and left 22 dead -- she would be quick to condemn such a thing.

Others brought up previous faux pas made by the star, including the infamous donut licking incident in 2015 in which she also exclaimed, "I hate America".


Featured image: Getty Images.