'My Dad Wrote A Porno's' Jamie Says He Is 'Very Emotionally Scarred'

Ahead of the podcast's second Australian tour, we sat down with Jamie Morton to chat all things 'My Dad Wrote A Porno'.

The obvious question to ask someone who discovered that their dad writes bizarre erotica in their spare time is: How emotionally scarred are you?

Sitting in the 10 Daily office, Jamie Morton laughed.

"I’m very emotionally scarred!" he declared. 

After four years of reading the pornographic hijinks of Belinda Blumenthal and her Steele's Pots and Pans alum, Jamie said that "It's gotten a little bit easier as it's gone on", but in "every single chapter of every single book, there’s always a moment where I’m like ‘I can’t do this. I cannot do this anymore!"

Still, with a hugely successful podcast, a book, multiple world tours and an HBO special, Jamie certainly has no regrets.

"I just think that with these things in life, you have two pathways -- you can completely suppress your Dad’s porn, just pretend it never happened, which some would say is healthy, or you can embrace it and share it with the world," he explained. "And you know, a problem shared is a problem halved or whatever they say!"

In Sydney to promote 'My Dad Wrote A Porno's second Australian tour, Jamie told us what the 2020 show would have in store for its audience.

Noting that it "differs a lot from the podcast", Jamie said that he -- along with co-hosts James Cooper and Alice Levine -- will be "reading stuff that Rocky never really wanted to be seen by anyone".

The stars of the podcast 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' (left to right) James Cooper, Jamie Morton and Alice Levine, in London. (Photo by Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images)

"It's the worst stuff ever!" he exclaimed. "It's honestly the craziest stuff he's ever written."

And if you're hoping to catch it on the podcast one day, you're outta luck.

"It’s brand new stuff that you’ll never hear anywhere else," Jamie shared. "It’ll never be on the podcast feed."

Hoping that fans come dressed up as their favourite characters, Jamie went on to say that they're "going to use the audience in ways we never have before to help navigate through this world of Rocky Flintsone, because there’s a lot to unpack!"

On the topic of Rocky, Jamie said that while fans shouldn't expect to see him on stage -- "he wants to remain a little bit anonymous" -- the creator of the Steele's Pots and Pans universe may be joining them down under.

"He wants to come, yeah! He missed the shows last time we were here, and it’s the Sydney Opera House, you know?!" Jamie said. 

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After four seasons of having his writing mercilessly -- but lovingly -- mocked by his son and friends, you might think that Rocky would have developed a sense of self-consciousness about his writing, but you would be wrong.

"No, dad still to this day is convinced that he is writing Shakespearian prose," Jamie laughed, "And what’s really frustrating is that people like Michael Sheen and Emma Thompson keep telling him that he is! They’re just encouraging him to be even more ridiculous, I’m like ‘guys, can we stop doing that, please, because he’s believing you, and he’s getting worse, he’s not getting better’."

Still, the blind confidence that Rocky has is something that Jamie believes "more people should have".

"I kind of love his confidence, in that he’s just like ‘I’m just gonna write what I wanna write, and I think it’s great!" Jamie said.

He continued: "As a writer, he doesn’t have any writer’s block, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he hasn’t got any of the neuroses, he’s just writing what he wants and I think that’s pretty cool."

Considering the best parts about the podcast and its success, Jamie said that "on a personal level", the podcast brought him "way closer" to his dad, and that it's given Rocky a chance to actually understand "the whole media side of life that [Jamie's] been working in for the past 10 years".

Calling it "really fun", Jamie explained: "we get to do stuff together now that we never would’ve got to".

With "so many unexpected layers to the show", Jamie also said that he loves that "people are really open with how the show affects them".

"We have a lot of people talking about how it’s helped their mental health, how it’s helped them in their sexual lives and how they have found confidence within themselves, it's amazing," he shared.

Of course, it's actually all pretty unexpected for Jamie and his pals, who "never even thought that there would be any listeners!"

He elaborated: "It sounds stupid to say, because obviously you record something to be heard, but when you’re doing it in your kitchen with your mates, you don’t really think about people listening to it, and certainly not people all over the world."

Calling it "mad" that they're about to embark on their second world tour, Jamie mused: "The amount of people who have fallen in love with my dad’s world -- and his books and him -- is incredible," adding that they were just "taking every opportunity as it comes and enjoying it" all now.

"Getting to travel around the world with my two best mates reading my dad’s awful erotica is kind of the best job ever, so we couldn’t say no to it," he laughed.

Another perk of the gig? The many, many celeb guests who adore the podcast.

Although Jamie wasn't about to play favourites -- "everyone's been great!" -- he did say that "being invited around to Emma Thompson’s house for dinner was pretty cool".

Calling her "honestly the nicest person in the world", Jamie continued:

"Everyone else comes to us," he explained. "It wasn’t that she was being a diva or anything, she was just like ‘do you want to come round?’ and we were like ‘yes, yes, yes! We’ll come now’. So that was a great experience".

We also asked Jamie to put his knowledge of bad erotica to the test, and got him to play a quick game of 'Porn Title Or Aussie Slang'. To see how he did, check out the video above.

'My Dad Wrote A Porno' will be on tour down under in January of 2020. Find tickets here.

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