'It Makes Me Feel Like I'm Not Human': Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Mental Health And Fame

In a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Ed Sheeran spoke frankly about the nature of fame, and how it has affected his mental health.

In the video, posted to Sheeran's YouTube channel, the 28-year-old recording artist admitted to moving to the country to avoid being in the public eye.

"I lost the ability to go to the supermarket and buy a loaf of bread about three years ago," Sheeran said.

"People around here treat me pretty normally, but in London it's different.

"I get anxiety every day. It creeps up on you. I've been working on it for eight years and I closed off from reality.

"Whether it's getting rid of your phone or only looking at emails twice a day or cutting down my friendship group to the bare minimum just so I can trust everyone."

He also spoke about the 'irony' of feeling uncomfortable in large crowds despite playing shows to thousands of people at a time.

"I feel claustrophobic," he said, "I don't like being around many people."

The singer-songwriter also spoke about the way in which people interact with him, and how technology has created a buffer with social interaction. Rather than simply coming up to chat with Sheeran, he spoke about being filmed or taken photos of 'like a zoo animal'.

"I have no problem with talking to people, but it's when people film me and stare at me... it makes me feel weird," he said.

"It makes me feel like I'm not human."

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He added: "If you want to come up to me and have a conversation with me, even if we've never met, just come up. What instantly cuts me off is that you're having a moment with them which is so genuine and so nice... and then at the end, they ask for a picture.

"It puts you down to Earth and you're just 15 Likes on Instagram. That's all you are."

He also opened up about how that anxiety feeds into his relationship with wife Cherry Seaborn saying, "I wake up every day with Cherry and I'm like, why the f*ck are you with me? You could be with whoever you wanted and you've chosen me... I'm saying all the things that I think are wrong with me and you still want to be with me, I find that amazing."

Still, Sheeran admitted he knew how lucky he was in all of this saying, "I don't mean to be complain-y because I have a very cool life and job -- but if I can avoid it, I will."

You can watch the full interview between Sheeran and Charlamagne Tha God below.

Featured image: YouTube.