'I Was Very Confused By This Movie': Natasha Lyonne Reflects On Her 'American Pie' Role

Reflecting on her past roles, the 'Russian Doll' star dropped some pretty incredible truth-bombs.

Speaking to 'PeopleTV' on the eve of 'American Pie's 20th anniversary, Lyonne revisited some of her iconic early roles.

From 'Dennis the Menace' to 'Slums of Beverly Hills' to the more recent 'Ballmastrz 9009', the actor dropped some very interesting tidbits about her career, like you may be shocked to learn that the ice cream soup in 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse' was actually more like a chalky, disgusting lie.

Lyonne also revealed her stint as the babysitter in the 1993 'Dennis the Menace' movie wasn't just memorable for the acting experience. "That was my first kiss!" she said watching a clip of the film, "I'm like 12 or 13 here...."

When they got around to 'American Pie', Lyonne said, "I will tell you the truth... I was very confused by this movie."

Saying she found the "fratty, suburban high school experience" difficult to identify with as a city kid herself, Lyonne also pointed out 'American Pie's distinct lack of diversity.

While At Stifler's Keg Party The Worldly Jessica
Lyonne alongside her 'American Pie' co-star Tara Reid. Photo: Getty Images.

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It was a time in the '90s where diversity onscreen wasn't a priority for filmmakers and Lyonne admitted even back then, it was something that jarred with her.

"I think that frankly, that was something that was already starting to bump for me then -- just this idea of like these straight, white, middle-class kids having this suburban kind of fratty experience that was just not, speaking as a city kid and a bit of a troublemaker, I did not identify with the experience."

Saying that she turned the movie down "many times", ultimately the one thing that won her over into playing the part?

"I think it was money," she said before adding that she was still grateful for her time on 'American Pie', because it allowed her to have such a rich career in independent movies for many years after.

Lyonne also recently reunited with her 'Pie' castmates Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein, Tara Reid and Eddie Kaye Thomas to celebrate the milestone.

Check out the full interview below.

Featured image: Getty Images.