Mariah Carey Just Won The Bottle Cap Challenge

Mariah Carey just took on the bottle cap challenge in the most iconic way.

The bottle cap challenge is the latest viral trend to take social media by storm, which basically involves doing a rotating kick to the top of a bottle, twisting the cap off in the process.

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What Is The Bottle Cap Challenge?

We've already seen celebs such as John Mayer, Jason Statham, Diplo and Conor McGregor take on the challenge (to varying degrees of success) -- now, pop legend Mariah Carey has given it a shot, and she did it in the most Mariah Carey way possible.

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The five-time Grammy winner posted a video to Twitter that showed her taking a deep breath as she prepared her body for a spin kick, but instead of kicking the lid off the bottle, she put her finger to her ear and let out a high pitch note, sending the lid flying.

Fans have already dubbed the attempt as "iconic," with the clip already beginning to receive the meme treatment.

So we guess this means the bottle cap challenge is officially over and everyone can go home since no one is going to be able to top Mimi's attempt!

Image: Twitter