Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Launches Men-Only Outdoor Retreats

The ex-Bachelor created Rogue Gentlemen’s Club, which arranges outdoor getaways for men, because he has a "whole lot of wisdom I want to pass on.”

After enjoying a professional football career plus a stint on The Bachelor, Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins has shifted his gaze towards helping other men.

Cummins' passion project, Rogue Gentlemen's Club, hosts males-only trips into the Australian bush, beach or mountains, as a form of group therapy.

It was inspired by the fact "blokes these days are walking on eggshells", the 31-year-old told Stellar magazine.

"They feel whatever they do, it’s going to upset someone, and the ones that do get upset are really upset. So blokes withdraw," he said.

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The former rugby star said belittling terms like "pussy" and "weak" have been used to describe men who show emotions, which causes them to "hold back".

"I believe the most masculine or gentlemanly thing you can do is just show love, to step into that zone and own it.”

Cummins didn't show a lasting kind of love during his time as the Bachelor, exiting the show as single as he entered it.

"I believe the most masculine or gentlemanly thing you can do is just show love, to step into that zone and own it,” Cummins said. Image: Steven Chee/Stellar.

On an idyllic beach in New Caledonia, the Honey Badger separately told heartbroken finalists Brittany and Sophie he wasn't able to commit to either of them.

"I am not able to commit to you, wholeheartedly, right now. At this point, our journey comes to an end," Cummins told contestant Sophie Tieman.

He then told Brittany Hockley, "I'm not looking for a girlfriend, I'm looking for a life partner. I can't give a hundred percent of me to you."

Cummins told Stellar the experience had made him "gun shy" and left him with "trust issues" when it came to relationships.

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins opens up in the latest issue of Stellar magazine. Image: Steven Chee/Stellar.

"I’m not looking, but I’m still open to finding someone."

Head to Stellar (available June 30 in Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun) for more of their cover interview with Nick Cummins.

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