Jada Pinkett Smith Says She And Will Are In A 'Non-Sexual Throuple' With His Ex-Wife

In the newest episode of her Facebook Watch series 'Red Table Talk', Jada Pinkett Smith really opened up about her open marriage.

Jada and Will have been married for more than 20 years and, according to Jada,  she and Will have been in a "non-sexual throuple for years" with Sheree Zampino, Will's ex-wife.

On the episode appropriately titled "Unconventional Relationships" Jada explained, "When you have your husband that is taking care of another woman and spending time with another woman, it’s the same thing."

Will was married to Sheree from 1992 until 1995 and together they share a son, Trey.

This isn't the first time Sheree has come up in conversation during a 'Red Table Talk' episode, in fact, she was the first guest on the show, where she and Jada spoke about the evolution of their relationship.

During the episode, Jada said she "didn't understand marriage" admitting, "I probably should've fell back."

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"When I think back about where I was, some of my insensitivity, some of my inconsideration just in regards to you guys unwinding a marriage," she continued.

Meanwhile, in the recent episode, Jada was asked by a viewer if she would ever consider being part of a throuple in the proper sense.

"Hell yeah," she answered before clarifying, " I could do a throuple. I could. I could probably be romantically engaged with somebody else, but I can only have sex with one person. I’m sexually monogamous, but I definitely could be romantically poly[amorous]."

The episode, which is hosted by Jada, her daughter Willow and mother Adrienne "Gammy" Banfield-Jones, was focused on unconventional relationships because Willow had been interested in the idea non-monogamous relationships.

"Monogamy I feel actually inhibits you from learning those skills of evolving past those feelings of insecurity and just jealousy," Willow said, "There is so many different kinds of people in this world and so many things to learn -- so many people to learn from, and I don't see the benefit in not learning those things, or in not putting myself in a position to learn as much as I possibly can from as many people as I possibly can."

The 18-year-old also added she loves "men and women equally" adding, "I would definitely want one man, one woman."

You can check out the entire chat over on Facebook.

Featured image: Getty images.