Kim Kardashian Has Trademarked The Word 'Kimono' For New Shapewear Line

Kim Kardashian West excitedly released her new range of shapewear line called 'Kimono'.

Who can blame Kim for not knowing that "Kimono" is already a clothing item, some say that dates back to the Heian period.

Who cares that the Heian period ended around 1185 and that Kimonos have been a staple of traditional Japanese culture and heritage for centuries because Kim Kardashian has apparently trademarked the term for her new shapewear line.

Others believe the Kimono developed into the garment we now know it during the Edo period, 1615-1868. How was Kim Kardashian to know that? Despite tweeting this in 2016:

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Kim Kardashian West is an entrepreneur, not a historian. Today she launches her solution to shapewear that did not account for high slits while still needing the support of shaping undergarments.

"Now we don't have to cut off one side of our Spanx," the entire nation of Japan probably cried out with joy at the news that Kim Kardashian had decided "Kimono" now means an asymmetrical "solution short".

"This is a great pun which has no cultural significance that any of us can remember," every member of Kim Kardashian's team probably said at one point as they came up with the name "Kimono", despite the word already existing, already being an item of clothing.

Some folks were upset that in her launch photo, Kim Kardashian didn't use diverse body shapes to launch her new range of shapewear, which -- again -- is called "Kimono" and which roughly translates to "thing to wear", or "thing to wear on the shoulders".

Kim Kardashian has been passionate about this for 15 years. They could have called it Shapewest, it's the same level of lazy pun work.

Kim Kardashian's "Kimono Solutionwear" will be available in nine shades and across sizes XXS to 4XL. She has not announced a launch date as yet, which will probably give the nation of Japan enough time to embarrassingly hide their rich history of kimono and their significance across fashion, history and culture.

According to the 'LA Times', the Kardashians are also hoping to trademark "Kimono Body", "Kimono Intimates" and "Kimono World". Your move, Japan.

Featured image: Twitter @KimKardashian.