Logies 2019: Amanda Keller Looks Back At Her Golden Year, Vibrations And Acceptance Speeches

When we caught up with Gold Logie nominee Amanda Keller via phone, she had just spoken to renown Psychic Medium John Edward.

"Jonesy asked if I was going to win [the Gold Logie] and he said he didn't know!" Amanda told 10 daily.

"I know he says he's not a fortune teller, he works on people's energy and vibrations. I had a few coffees already this morning, maybe I was vibrating too much," she joked.

Being nominated for a Gold Logie for the second year in a row -- as well as nominated for Most Popular Presenter -- is just the cherry on top of a pretty golden year for Amanda.

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When asked her golden highlight, the first thing that came to mind was her 'Living Room' co-host Barry Du Bois' continued good health. Thinking for a moment she also added, "I'll tell you what I've loved is 'Dancing with the Stars'."

This year Amanda joined last year's Gold Logie winner as the hosts for the re-launch of 'Dancing with the Stars', a dancefloor battle that saw the likes of Courtney Act, Jimmy Rees, Olympia Valance and this year's winner Samuel Johnson showing off their best moves.

"It was unusual," Amanda told 10 daily, "You knew there'd be drama -- a live show with dancers -- but the drama came from unexpected places like Grant injuring himself and Jimmy Rees' young son!

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"The drama came from places I wasn't expecting, the show just rolled with the punches and on we went. It was an interesting time, I felt a little down when it finished!"

Amanda said that while she was pretty busy juggling her morning radio show with her 'Living Room' filming schedule and adding 'DTWS' into the mix, it all came down to getting her family's approval.

"I always run everything past the family, I just said it was one night I wouldn't be home for dinner! It was live TV, like pulling a band-aid it was over, so I was very happy to add that to the dance card -- pardon the pun.

"I'm very grateful to be this far in my career and have new opportunities. I wasn't looking to be busier, but it was an opportunity I couldn't say no to."

After the honour of nominations subsides, it's time to hit the campaign trail and for Amanda, it's been a wild time. "I'm lucky I've got a radio show, but it also suits comedians like Tom [Gleeson] and Sam [Mac] making fodder out of the more outrageous things you can do," Amanda admitted.

"It's tough if you don't have a vehicle. Look at the people who have been nominated for Gold, the people that have been nominated in the past, I think it's not really in their nature to spruik themselves!"

For Amanda, she was just "happy to be in the mix", especially two years in a row. And while it would be lovely to win, "at the end of the night you have a dance and carry your shoes home."

Still, she's not going into Sunday night's ceremony completely unprepared, saying she's jotted down a few thank you notes for a speech, but refuses to spend too much time thinking about it.

"I don't want my brain to look at it too much! I remember last year I did the same thing and chucked them in the bin," she laughed. Still, she's been practising for some could say decades.

"I've got my teenage diaries and I used to rehearse my Academy Award speech, but I'm not at those dizzying heights of rehearsing just yet!"

Click to vote for Amanda for the Gold and Most Popular Presenter here. Voting closes at 7.30pm Sunday, June 30 after the red carpet wraps up.

Featured image: Network 10.