Someone Brazenly Tried To Steal Halle Berry's Entire Home

A wannabe thief has attempted to steal Halle Berry's home from right under her nose.

We're not talking about a classic robbery that involves breaking in and taking a couple of valuables, we're talking about an entire block of land, a whole mansion and all of its contents.

TMZ is reporting that a 59-year-old man attempted to change the locks on Berry's Los Angeles home -- optimistically hoping that no-one would notice.

Ronald Eugene Griffin reportedly brought a locksmith along with him to the property and was caught "fiddling with the locks" by Berry's gardener.

But when confronted by Berry's staff, he took his audacious scam a step further, calling the cops himself and telling authorities that it was, in fact, his home, showing a false set of deeds.

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Detectives worked out pretty quickly that Griffin wasn't the legal owner of the house and Berry later confirmed to authorities that she'd never laid eyes on him.

And, honestly, it's probably very lucky that Berry didn't discover the intruder hanging out in her house because she underwent some pretty hardcore stunt training for 'John Wick 3'.

Bizarrely, Griffin had no idea that it was even Berry's home but he definitely picked the wrong property to try and scam his way into.

TMZ reports that Griffin was arrested with a felony count for procuring and offering a false warranty deed, as well as another count for petty theft. He's being held on $36,000 USD bail and probably won't try to steal an entire house any time soon.

Main Photo: Getty Images.