Hannah Gadsby Had Abortion After Being Raped: 'I Would Have Ended Up Dead'

Content warning: This article discusses rape.

Hannah Gadsby, the star of Netflix stand-up special 'Nanette', has spoken out about having an abortion after she was raped, saying she would be “dead” if she hadn’t had access to one.

Speaking on the topic of the recent controversial abortion bans across several US states -- specifically, Alabama -- the comedian opened up about her own experience, saying that they're "getting away with" these laws because "they’ve got into the branding really well."

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"What a stupid f**king statement! I'm 'pro-life,' but I had an abortion. That sits very comfortably in my head as a duality," Gadsby told Variety for their Power of Pride issue.

She continued to say that had she been subjected to such draconian laws when needing an abortion after being raped, she "would be dead".

"It’s as simple as that,” she said.

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“I was assaulted, raped and very, very vulnerable. How was I going to raise a child? I would have ended up dead. How is that pro-life? You can’t say women can’t have abortions and then provide absolutely no infrastructure to help them,” she added.

It comes as several of America's southern states have introduced a "heartbeat bill", which aims to place severe restrictions or completely ban doctors from performing abortions. In May, Alabama introduced the most controversial bill yet, which will also deny the procedure to victims of rape and incest.

Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio have also introduced similar bills.

While these restrictions have yet to come into effect, there's been a tidal wave of criticism against the laws, with a slew of major Hollywood studios, including Netflix, threatening to boycott the states should the law come into effect.

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