Celebrities Support Bella Thorne After Whoopi Goldberg's Nude Photos Comments

Actress Bella Throne shared messages of support from her famous friends after she hit back at Whoopi Goldberg for "slut-shaming" her.

Thorne thanked friends over social media after several stars came to her defence in the wake of her nude photo "scandal", in which 'The View' host Whoopi Goldberg seemingly blamed the star for taking nude photos in the first place.

The 21-year-old made the bold decision to release her own naked photos after a hacker threatened to leak them -- and other stars' private snaps -- saying that she wanted to "take the power back".

While many sided with the star over the gross invasion of privacy, Goldberg took a vastly different stance on 'The View', saying that stars should deal with the consequences should they decide to take sexy snaps of themselves.

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Rightfully pissed over being victim-blamed, Bella vented her frustration in a teary video over Instagram Stories, saying that the comments had made her feel "bad about herself".

"I was supposed to be on 'The View' but honestly I don't feel like being beaten down by a bunch of older women for my body and my sexuality," Bella explained.

"You're so crazy for thinking such terrible things on such an awful situation don't really want you guys talking about your views to young girls. I would not want my [future] daughter learning that and I would never say that to her. Okay, I'm done."

She has since received an outpouring of support from stars including Lucy Hale, Dove Cameron, Zendaya, Logan Paul, Madison Beer, Lily-Rose Depp and Tyler Posey.

"When ur [sic] friends come out of the woodworks to support u [sic] is all u [sic] need to be brave,” the Famous in Love alum, captioned a series of DM screenshots.

"Good for you baby girl. I'm so proud of you for speaking up. This breaks my heart. But you're making a difference for other girls and women!" 'Pretty Little Liars' actress Lucy Hale wrote to the star.

Posting a screenshot of a message from fellow Disney starlet Dove Cameron, Bella revealed in the accompanying caption that Zendaya had also called her to lend her support.

“Zendaya called me today to make sure I was okay,” she wrote. “We talked a lot about this generation, the one before us as well, and how as women we shouldn’t feel bad about ourselves and our bodies. Slut shaming is one of the biggest topics of this generation but yet we still keep going somehow. It’s really really sad.”

She later posted a text message from her former 'Shake It Up' co-star, which read, “Just a reminder that you are strong and courageous and beautiful inside and out."

“You f***ing broke my heart with that damn ig post but anyway... I’m super proud. Love you,” Coleman added.

'Teen Wolf' star and Thorne's ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey also got in touch, writing, “Yo bell I read a little about your nude thing,” he said, adding, "Really f**king cool what you did. F**k that guy.”

Goldberg has yet to respond to Thorne.

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