Angry BTS Army Out To 'Destroy' Aussie Comedian Over Comments

Hell hath no fury like a fandom scorned.

It's the lesson that comedian Alex Williamson is learning the hard way today, as fans of K-pop group BTS are calling for him to be fired.

So how did we get here?

It starts with the channel 9 program '20 to One'. After airing a segment on the group -- who are perhaps the most famous boy band in the world right now -- which featured comedians, as well as blogger Perez Hilton and singer Millsy, riffing on the band and referring to them as "the biggest band you've never heard of", BTS fans were upset.

The fandom -- known as the BTS Army -- felt that the segment was "disgusting and racist" and "rude to the artists", and quickly began to trend the hashtag #Channel9Apologize.

"Why do people always disrespect them, just because they speak a different language?" one fan tweeted. "Just because they put more work into what they do than you? This is not funny, neither to the boys nor anyone. And this is the same world where people wanna make a difference but do this sh*t."

Other fans chose to write and phone in complaints to the network, arguing that the segment was "highly inaccurate and defamatory" and thereby violated the Free TV Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice.

This brings us to Alex Williamson. Although Williamson was not a part of the segment, he weighed in on the backlash taking place on Twitter, writing: "Shut the f**k up c**t it ain’t racist they just don’t give a f**k about boy bands who are designed solely to extract [money] from the hip pocket of [14-year-olds]. I’ll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. Fuck these c**tz."

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Reader, the BTS Army did not take kindly to this. Very quickly, fans got to work pulling up Williamson's old tweets, accusing him of being racist.

One Twitter thread with nearly 7,000 retweets contained 24 tweets, pointing BTS fans toward problematic tweets to report to Twitter, as well as email addresses to contact in order to voice their desire to have him fired from any upcoming gigs.

"BOYCOTT HIS TOUR. EMAIL HIS COMPANY" reads one tweet in the thread, where another says simply, "Twitter, ruin his life."

There are also some Twitter users claiming to have doxxed Williamson and gained access to his address, parents' names and credit card information, but these claims are unsubstantiated.

Responding to Williamson's tweet, one fan wrote: "Successful Asian men really make y'all mad eh? Well, mister if you know how to be respectful then we won't have a problem here. But y'all being racist!"

An irritated Williamson doubled down, maintaining that "successful Asian men and women doing something genuinely important in the field of science and medicine" was impressive to him, but boy bands were not.

"You c**ts only get a rise out of them due to your lack of education," he added.

Williamson also posted a video addressing the backlash, saying: "Oi, if you're on smoko and wanna a bit of a f**kin' chuckle, go and look at the comments on my photos, go and read a bit about it on Twitter. Um, I started World War 3 last night, inadvertently. It's not a very fair war, it's literally myself versus the whole fandom of BTS, which is apparently a boy band, K-pop band. It all started with a tweet where an Australian program was accused of being racist towards them when really, they were just being dismissive towards boy bands. I would've said the same thing about Backstreet Boys, I've said the same thing about One Direction. It's not a race issue, my friends, it is an issue about boy bands being a gimmick designed to extract the dollars from the hip pockets of 15 year olds. I appreciate we have different tastes in music, but I'll f**kin' see ya later. Go and check it out."

He has yet to address the tweets resurfaced by BTS fans.

Feature image: Instagram / Twitter