Sophie Turner Said She Once Tried -- And Failed -- To Get Matthew Perry To Ask Her Out

The one where Sophie Turner tried unsuccessfully to flirt with Matthew Perry.

The 'Game of Thrones' star revealed that she was a little star struck when she first noticed the 'Friends' actor was working right around the corner from her home in London.

In a video produced by Twitter, Turner was shown old tweets and was asked to explain this one from three and a half years ago -- right around the time the third season of 'GoT' was about to air.

It was also around the time when Perry made his playwriting debut at London's West End with his dark comedy 'The End of Longing', which he also starred in.

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Referencing the hilarious alter ego of Perry's 'Friends' character -- Chandler Bing-- Turner explained that she tried her best to catch the actor's attention when she took a trip down to the supermarket.

"I would walk around the corner every day to go to my local Budgens, which is a great little supermarket, and I would walk around the corner every day and I would see Matthew Perry outside smoking a cigarette," Turner explained.

"And I bought a lighter from Budgens so that I could walk up to him and offer to light his cigarette and it was already lit," she confessed.

"So that was just embarrassing," she sighed.

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Turner added that she tweeted about Perry in the hopes that it might catch his attention so he could "ask me on a date or something".

Perry doesn't seem to spend too much time online and he probably doesn't regularly search for people writing cryptic Chanandler Bong references but Turner did end up meeting her future husband Joe Jonas later that same year, so she's probably not too mad.

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