Kevin Hart Sued For Assault And Battery

The 'Secret Life Of Pets' star is facing a lawsuit after a woman claimed she was injured by members of his security team.

Carmen Marrero is reportedly suing Hart, alleging that one of his security guards -- not named in the suit -- injured her while escorting the comedian out of a building in New York City.

According to court documents, Marrero claims that one of Hart's security guards "violently contacted" her causing her to "fall and sustain serious personal injuries" and is accusing the man of assault and battery.

Claiming she was "seriously and permanently injured" from the encounter Marrero says she was walking down a New York sidewalk when Hart and his team were leaving a screening of his film 'The Upside'.

Kevin Hart Is Being Sued For Assault And Battery
The suit claims one of Hart's security guards knocked a woman to the ground. Photo: Getty Images.

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The suit claims Hart's bodyguards shoved members of the small crowd outside the building -- including Marrero -- causing the fall.

The woman is suing  Hart, his company Hartbeat Productions and the unnamed security guard, seeking unspecified damages.

Several outlets are also claiming the incident took place during Hart's widely publicised fall from grace after he was named the host of the Oscars before homophobic tweets he made in the past resurfaced.

Following the discovery of the tweets, Hart initially refused to apologise, instead claiming people were trying to "take him down". Once he eventually issued an apology it was unfortunately too late and he was forced to step down from the hosting role.

Since then, Hart has gone on to star in the likes of 'Night School' and the recently released 'Secret Life of Pets 2', as well as his first Netflix stand-up special which hit the streaming platform in April and is called 'Irresponsible'.

So far, Hart has yet to make a statement regarding the suit.

Featured image: Getty Images.