Fans Think Reese Witherspoon's Daughter's Boyfriend Looks Like Ryan Phillipe

After 19-year-old Ava Phillipe debuted her boyfriend over Instagram, people had a lot of THOUGHTS.

Fans have long marvelled at how much Ava Phillipe bears an uncanny resemblance to her mum, Reese Witherspoon, and honestly -- how could you not? They legit could pass for sisters.

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But after mini-Reese posted a cute snap while watching the 1996 comedy The Birdcage, starring Nathan Lane and the late Robin Williams over the weekend, fans couldn't help that Ava's boyfriend, Owen Mahoney, bore a resemblance to her 44-year-old dad, Ryan Phillipe.

"He looks so much like your dad omg," one Instagram user wrote, while another added, "Is it just me or does her new beau have a little bit of Ryan in him?"

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Others mused that the young lovers reminded them of when Ryan and Reese were a couple, with one social media user even joking that they were 'Cruel Intentions 2.0' -- the film in which Reese and Ryan first met.

"Omg so cute. That picture makes me remember when Reese & Ryan were together," one commented, while another said, "They totally look like her parents when they were younger."

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon in 1999. Image: Getty

Ava wasn't here for comparisons of her BF to her dad, 'coz unless you're a character on 'Game of Thrones' then that's not something you'd want to hear.

Making her feelings known about the awkward comments, Ava replied to one user who wrote on the snap, "He does not look like your dad," with a simple, "big thx".

Witherspoon and her ex-husband welcomed Ava in 1999, followed by their son Deacon in 2003 before finalising their divorce in 2007, after eight years of marriage. Reese is also the mother of son Tennessee, 6, from her second marriage to Jim Toth.

Oh -- and if you're wondering if the pair's son Deacon resembles his dad Ryan, just check out the snap below and judge for yourself.

Image: Getty Images.