Michael Fassbender Used Kayla Itsines' App To Get Fit For 'X-Men'

Michael Fassbender revealed that he's been using an Aussie fitness app to get in shape for the latest 'X-Men' film.

Fassbender stars in 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' along with co-stars James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner, reprising his role as Magneto for the fourth time in the blockbuster franchise.

"I don't do so many stunts in this [film], other than the wire work," he explained in an interview for The Project.

"Although I do have to say, I've been using this app which is an Australian woman...Kayla Itsines," he said.

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"It started off as the bikini body app," he added in a very matter of fact way.

"And now it's called the sweat app," he said, turning to co-star James McAvoy.

Photo: Network 10.

He added that although he's not too sure whether many men use the app, he's encouraging more blokes to download it.

"I do and I'm saying other men should too!"

The Adelaide-born Itsines has built up a fitness empire that raked in a whopping $77 million dollars last year so its no wonder film stars like Fassbender are following her exercise routines to stay fit.

Main Image: Network 10.