Lindsay Lohan Threatens New Music 'Within Months'

These aren't just 'Rumours'.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan has taken a break from running a beach club in Mykonos and trying to abduct children off the street to step back into the studio.

According to Lilo, she's been "hard at work" recording some new bangers.

Posting two shots from a recording studio with captions like a headphone emoji or a microphone emoji, Lohan hasn't been too verbose in her plans to dominate the charts, instead, teasing her tens of fans with the cryptic and somewhat blurry shots.

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Lohan released her first album 'Speak' in 2004 which featured tracks like "Rumours", "Over" and "Nobody 'til You". She released a follow-up album 'A Little More Personal (Raw)' the following year which featured the track "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" which was written as a letter to her father Michael Lohan.

Seeing Lohan in the recording studio is a welcomed break from her more recent endeavour, which has been to tag Disney on social media asking to cast her in a movie, or to messily comment on other celebs' Instagrams with her thoughts about their outfits.

According to Page Six, a rep for Lohan confirmed that she would be releasing her new music "within months", so get ready for even more out-of-focus shots on IG.

Featured image: Instagram @lindsaylohan.