Martin Scorsese's Daughter Shuts Down GoFundMe To Fix Flooded Apartment Worth $1.2 Million

The 53-year-old daughter of Hollywood royalty has shut down the crowd-funding campaign after trolls commented on it.

A campaign with the goal of $30,000 was set up in early April by Catherine Scorsese's stepsister, Tanya Barach, after Scorsese's apartment flooded in March.

According to the page, the apartment was filled with 'raw sewage' after a neighbour attempted to flush paper shreddings down their toilet.

The GoFundMe was set up to help house Scorsese's many pets, with Barach posting a video saying her sister was in "dire need of help", showing the damage to the Williamsburg duplex reportedly worth $1.2 million. According to Barach, due to prior water damage to the building, Scorsese had a high deductible for water damage with her insurance company.

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"This was the only way she could get insurance," she wrote on the fundraiser, "She is facing the expense of packing, moving and storing the entire contents of her apartment. All of this is in addition to replacing her destroyed belonging, plus boarding her beloved animals."

The campaign received just over $6,000 from 84 supporters in the month the page was live. The page and social media were also flooded with comments and jokes at Scorsese's expense saying she should ask her Academy Award-winning father for handouts.

"This was something nice my sisters tried to do," Scorsese told Page Six, "I’m my own person, and unless it’s something I feel like I can’t manage, I would prefer not to go to my parents."

Adding that she is not a "trust fund baby", Scorsese said that if she were to ask her father for help, "I’m going to ask for something like helping to fix me up with Chris Evans."

Catherine Scorsese is Martin's daughter from his first wife Laraine Marie Brennan, who he was married to from 1965 to 1971.

Featured image: GoFundMe/Getty Images.