Osher Günsberg's Exciting Baby News Revealed With A Game Show

Osher Günsberg has shared the very special 'reveal' put together by his step-daughter.

Günsberg and his wife Audrey Griffen are expecting their first child together and held a baby shower over the weekend -- organised entirely by Griffen's 15-year-old daughter, Georgia.

"Today my magnificent stepdaughter Georgia arranged a truly fabulous Baby Shower / Reveal event at the Bronte SLSC down the road," Osh wrote on Instagram.

Georgia -- who clearly took a little inspiration from her TV host extraordinaire step-dad -- decided to reveal some exciting baby news in the most showbiz-y way possible.

"G then proceeded to run a most high-tension game-show style reveal moment, of such drawn-out drama that the Network Execs in the room were probably considering a new 6pm pre-prime show," wrote Günsberg.

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The 'Bachelor' franchise host added that Georgia has been in possession of a top-secret envelope that was given to Osh and Audrey after a prenatal test three months ago. ⠀ "Turns out that twelve weeks ago, the envelope that we were given after our Harmony Test, which G has kept secret this entire time (as much as we tried to trip her up looking for pronouns and slip-ups, she was a vault!) shows that the baby growing within Audrey indeed has XY chromosomes," he wrote.

Günsberg made it clear that the sex assigned at birth to their baby mattered little to him and Audrey. ⠀ "No matter who this human is, we will love it with all our hearts," he said.

Griffen thanked her "baby girl Georgia" for the "amazingly fun" baby shower on Instagram as well as the couple's friends and family for their support as they prep for the baby's arrival.

"And for those who'd like to know... WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!" Griffen added.

Main Photo: Instagram/@osher_gunsberg.