Chris Hemsworth Teased A Return To 'Dancing With The Stars'

Peter Helliar did his best to tempt Chris Hemsworth back to the dancefloor.

Pete cruelly reminded the 'Men In Black: International' actor that he was booted from 'Dancing With The Stars' after just five weeks in the competition back in 2006.

Hemsworth -- who was starring on 'Home and Away' at the time -- was beaten by icons including our very own Amanda Keller and actors Kerry Armstrong and Gary Sweet.

"I felt like that was a 'Neighbours', 'Home and Away' conspiracy, even though there were no 'Neighbours' contestants on there," he said of his disappointing performance.

Will Hemsworth be back for another spin? Photo: The Project/Network 7.

Hemsworth claimed that he was a "fall guy" in an elaborate 'Dancing With The Stars' setup.

"Because I'm clearly a phenomenal dancer," he promised.

Helliar pointed out that, with 'Dancing' now on 10, he could easily pull a few strings and convince the network to let Hemsworth give the foxtrot another crack.

"I'm going to need a partner, though," he said, cheekily pointing at Pete.

Photo: Network 10.

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While we could be waiting a while for Hemsworth to dazzle us with his dancing skills again, we can at least admire his acting chops alongside Tessa Thompson in the new 'Men In Black: International'.

Hemsworth said he was "originally kind of nervous" to touch the classic franchise that first starred Tommy Lee and Will Smith.

But ultimately,  teaming up with his 'Thor: Ragnarok' and 'Avengers' co-star Thompson and the pitch to take 'MIB' to a whole new global level meant that Hemsworth had "a hell of a time" filming the new movie.

'Men In Black: International' hits cinemas on June 13. 

Main Image: Network 10.