Josh Thomas Returning To Australia For First Stand-Up Tour In Six Years

The star of 'Please Like Me' has just announced he's heading back home and onto the stage.

Posting on social media, Josh admitted he was nervous about returning to Aus for his first stand-up shows in six years adding, "But also I think I have fun things to say!"

Teasing that the tour would be "itty bitty", it marks the first time Josh would tour onstage since his series 'Please Like Me' debuted in 2013.

While there is a link to sign-up for more info, at the moment there are no further details on when and where the tour will take Josh or how many shows he plans on playing.

Last month Josh also released the trailer for his upcoming new series 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay' which has been picked up by US network Freeform. The series stars Josh as Nick, a man who is tasked with taking care of his two teen half-sisters after their father passes away.

Despite fans of the cult-favourite 'Please Like Me' absolutely jumping onto the trailer and demanding more info, Josh admitted the series is still in production -- adding the trailer's debut was "a bit of a shock" to him.

You can sign up to the mailing list to be first in line to get more info on Josh's Aussie tour here.

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