Priyanka Chopra Wants Husband Nick Jonas To Run For President

Jonas 2020!

Priyanka Chopra has spoken out about wanting a future career in politics, declaring she would love to run for prime minister of India and that she'd also love to to see husband Joe Jonas run for US president.

“I would love to run for Prime Minister of India. I would love Nick to run for President,” Chopra, 36, told The Sunday Times. “I don’t like the things associated with politics … but I know that both of us really want to make a change. Never say never.”

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She added, "I’ve tried to be apolitical all my life because I like to cheer for humanity."

The actress, who married Jonas in December, went on to gush about her husband, saying that she believed he would make a great leader of the US.

“He’s not afraid to use the word [feminist] and I love that,” she told the Times.

Jonas, meanwhile, had previously said to Reuters way back in 2009 that he "dreamed of" becoming president one day.

“I’ve always had this dream of becoming president one day.” He said at the time, adding that it was “very cool” and “such an honour” to visit the White House.

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It comes after the loved-up pair celebrated one year since their first date, with Jonas penning a sweet message over Instagram to his bride.

“One year ago today I went to go see Beauty and the Beast at the Hollywood Bowl with a group of friends. One of those friends was the woman that would become my best friend, my confidant, my muse, my beautiful wife,” he wrote.

“I am so grateful for our journey together so far. You make me smile every day and you inspire me to be the best version of myself. I am honoured to be your husband. I love you.”

Chopra also recently gushed about the "Sucker" singer during Tina Brown’s 10th Annual Women in the World Summit back in April, calling him an "old soul".

“I call him ‘Old Man Jonas.’ That’s my name for him, ‘OMJ,’ ” she said. “He’s such an old soul, extremely smart, so good for me because he grounds me so much. I’m a wild child, I do whatever I want whenever I want and he always supports me.”

Nawww, you guys!

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