YouTuber Banned After Feeding Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

A 21-year-old YouTuber has been banned from the site for five years over a cruel video he posted in 2017.

Kanghua Ren aka ReSet, who is Chinese-born and raised in Spain, found an audience with a mix of gaming and prank videos on his channel which boasts over 1.2 million subscribers.

In January 2017, Kanghua posted a now-deleted video where he scraped the filling from several Oreo biscuits, filled them with toothpaste and offered them to a homeless man.

The man, identified by authorities as 52-year-old Romanian man known as Gheorge L, reportedly vomited after consuming the biscuits.

He told Spanish newspaper El País he had "never been treated so poorly while living on the street". The man also said he was unaware of Kanghua's online presence and said he was concerned for his own safety following the prank.

Youtuber Banned For Five Years After Oreo Prank On Homeless Man

Meanwhile, Kanghua joked about the vile prank in the video.

"Maybe I’ve gone a bit far, but look at the positive side -- this will help him clean his teeth," he said.

"I think he hasn’t cleaned them since he became poor."

The YouTuber also handed over AUD$30 to the man.

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After the video received backlash from viewers, authorities said Kanghua deleted it and offered the homeless man almost $500 to keep quiet in hopes the controversy would vanish.

He was charged with a crime against moral integrity and faced 15 months in prison. But due to his clear record, the judge -- who called Kanghua's actions "a clear and unequivocal act of vexatious content" -- handed down a ban of five years.

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According to official court documents, advertising on Kanghua's video before it was deleted made him over AUD$3,200. The judge also ruled Kanghua must pay the homeless man more than AUD$35,000 in compensation.

According to prosecutors, Kanghua had also filmed pranks offering sandwiches filled with cat faeces to children and elderly people.

Despite the ban, Kanghua's most recent video was uploaded just a week ago and had over 65,000 views.

Featured image: YouTube