GQ Photographer Says Iggy Azalea's Topless Photos Were 'Stolen From Him'

Topless photographs of rapper Iggy Azalea were taken during GQ's 2016 'Woman of the Year' photoshoot -- but were never meant to be published.

Photographer Nino Muñoz has spoken out following the release of unauthorised nude photos of rapper Iggy Azalea.

Following Azalea's statement, in which she described feeling "blindsided, embarrassing, violated, angry, sad" over the unauthorised leak, Muñoz posted a statement to his Instagram account with the caption, "My heart goes out to anyone this situation has affected. I’m utterly outraged and will not rest until justice is served."

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In the note, the photographer -- who has also shot Jamie Dornan and Gisele Bundchen -- revealed that the images in question "were stolen and published without permission" and that there is "currently an investigation underway" in order to find the perpetrator.

"I empathise with any discomfort that this situation has caused to anyone that is involved," he added.

Earlier today, the Australian MC deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after receiving a slew of disturbing comments in regards to the leaked photos. However, she briefly reappeared on Twitter to post a statement, before deactivating her account once again.

Image: PopCrave/Twitter

It's not yet known who released the photographs in question.

Image: Getty/Instagram