'Blindsided, Embarrassed': Iggy Azalea Speaks Out After Topless Photos Leak Online

The photographs were outtakes from a 2016 photoshoot for GQ Magazine.

UPDATE 30/5/19: GQ Australia's editor, Michael Christensen, has released a statement on the matter, condemning the theft of the photographs in question.

“We were very disappointed to learn that outtakes from a 2016 photo shoot which were not approved or intended for publication appear to have been stolen from the photographer. We understand an investigation is underway and join the condemnation of the publication of these images,” the statement read.

After deactivating her Instagram and Twitter accounts, rapper Iggy Azalea briefly returned to Twitter to condemn those responsible for leaking unpublished topless photographs from GQ's 'Woman of the Year' photo shoot in 2016, taken by photographer Nino Muñoz.

Captioning a lengthy note with "some of what I want you to know", the "Fancy" songstress revealed her distress over the leak, saying that she had never consented to have topless photos taken for publishing.

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"Recently some outtakes from my 2016 GQ magazine cover were leaked to the public," she began. "A lot of high profile women have shot covers for GQ with a strategically placed hand etc covering their breasts... I always thought they were very beautiful covers, so I jumped at the opportunity."

She went on to add that photos covering her breasts were the only ones meant to be considered for publishing and that it was her understanding that GQ doesn't print topless photographs.

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Image: PopCrave/Twitter

"There was no reason for anyone to have kept the outtakes from the shoot," she continued. "I'm surprised and angry that they were not immediately deleted after the final images were selected."

She added that she was "a ball of negative emotions" and was "blindsided, embarrassing, violated, angry, sad and a million other things" over the leak as well as comments made across social media.

"I fully intend on finding out where the leak originated and pressing criminal charges in regards to this," she continued. "It's important to me that someone actually be held accountable for their actions and the way it impacts my life."

She finished the note by urging people to "be kinder to one another."

Image: PopCrave/Twitter

Following the post, she again deleted her Twitter account.

It's not known how the snaps surfaced, however, following the shoot in 2016 Azalea sent her plastic surgeon, Dr Ashkan Ghavami, a signed topless photo from the same photoshoot, which he posted on social media with emojis covering her nipples.

“Our homegirl Iggy Azalea is here for a check-up looking fab… as always,” Dr Ghavami said at the time, “I got this great amazing photo, only two of a kind. She looks amazing!”

Image: Getty