'I Didn't Think I Was Going To Come Back': James Charles Responds To Allegations Made In Tati Westbrook Video

In the latest installment of the Tati Westbrook/James Charles drama, James has addressed the allegations brought forward.

If you're not across this situation, you're going to want to catch up now, because this is just the latest in a long and complicated back and forth between the two YouTube "celebrities".

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On Sunday, James released a 41-minute video titled 'No More Lies' in order to share his side of the story since the Tati Westbrook video was released nine days ago, adding on Twitter that he didn't intend to "start a war, but to take responsibility".

We broke down the issues one-by-one so you can see exactly how the 19-year-old responded to all the allegations.

What Kicked It All Off: The Coachella/Sugar Bear Hair Situation

In her original video 'Bye Sister', Tati alleged that James had orchestrated a sponsorship deal with her competitor Sugar Bear Hair and that he needed to come up with a "very clever story" about the brand helping him at Coachella after being mobbed by fans in order to make it seem like he hadn't done anything wrong.

According to James, he and his friends decided last minute to attend weekend two of Coachella and couldn't get 'Artist Passes' that would guarantee them a secure location to enjoy the festival from, and rather just had VIP passes that still put them in the public crowd. This resulted in James getting mobbed, making him feel unsafe.

James alleges that he reached out to fellow YouTuber Nikita Dragun, who put him in contact with Sugar Bear Hair reps who, in return for a post about a new product of theirs, could supply James and his friends with passes that would get them into a more private area, and get a security team for their safety.

James Charles featured a number of screenshots of messages throughout the video in order to confirm his points. Photo: YouTube

Tati also said that James didn't tell her about what was happening until after the post about Sugar Bear Hair went live.

"This whole situation was definitely not a big scheme, it definitely did happen on the spot," James said in the 41-minute video.

"Before posting my stories, I actually did text Tati first out of respect for her, giving her a heads up about the sponsorship, but she was immediately upset. I tried my best to explain the entire situation and also gave her a direct apology as well.

"At this point, I had signed the contract, so I had to put up the post, there was no getting out of it."

An hour after speaking to Tati, James says that her posts went up on Instagram stories and because he couldn't reach her, he posted his public apology.

James also points out in the video -- with screenshots of messages and DMs -- that he made "countless attempts" to reach out to both Tati and her husband.

The Seattle Allegations

One of the biggest stories that is circulating as a result of this video is that James Charles tried to "manipulate someone's sexuality", as Tati put it in her original video.

"I have never, would never, and will never, use my 'fame', money, or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy," James said in his video. "That is disgusting, it is not me, and the fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind."

The man involved is Sam Cooke, a waiter at the restaurant where James, Jeffree, and some other friends of theirs, were with Tati and her family celebrating her birthday on February 14.

James was apparently flirting with Sam while the group were having dinner and even spoke to Jeffree about the situation while they were eating.

The waiter in question, Sam Cooke, told his side of the story in a YouTube video.

According to James, and a video released by Sam, "he mentioned that he was perfectly fine and found the flirting that I was doing flattering".

James asked Sam to come to his hotel room to "cuddle" and the two apparently watched a movie together and ended up kissing, which James and a video posted by Sam indicate was completely consensual.

"Everything that happened in the hotel room was 100% consensual, and this is confirmed by the only two parties who were actually there -- being myself and Sam," James said.

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Being Into "Straight Guys"

In order to explain his history of being "into straight guys", James played a clip from "Tati's friend Jeffree Star", in which he explains that he's only really attracted to what "the world describes as straight guys".

"Yes, as a gay man, I am attracted to men! In the past, whenever I've found a guy cute on Instagram or social media, I have slid into his DM's with a simple 'hello' or a nice compliment," he said.

"If anybody ever made it clear that they are not interested or are not gay, or didn't want to talk, I would apologise for the unwanted attention and the conversation was put to a halt immediately."

James went on to say the situation had made him realise his conduct was "unacceptable" and he would re-think his approaches moving forward. He also added that he had reached out to apologise to a few different guys who had come forward or posted screenshots saying they felt uncomfortable.

The Jeffree Star Connection

Another player in this every-growing web of complication and drama is yet another YouTuber Jeffree Star.

Jeffree, Tati, and James were all close at one point and it seems that in this situation, Jeffree has taken the opportunity to further distance himself from James, adding his own commentary along the way.

Jeffree has made allegations on social media -- including a now-deleted tweet that said, "There is a reason that Nathan [Jeffree's boyfriend] banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again. There's a reason why I haven't seen him since [Tati's] birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."

Jeffree Star tweets amid James Charles tweet fiasco
In a now-deleted tweet Star called James Charles "a danger to society". Photo: Twitter.

Since this situation has unfolded, Jeffree has directly addressed James' younger brother, Ian, with many calling him out for bullying a kid "who had nothing to do with this situation" as James put it.

In the video, James also read a text that Jeffree allegedly sent him saying that a number of people would be going on camera to address allegations of James' behaviour towards them, including an extremely troubling allegation that James "tried to molest" Grayson Dolan -- who is one half of the YouTube famous 'Dolan Twins' with brother Ethan.

James Charles with Dolan Twins - Grayson (L) and Ethan (R) Photo: YouTube

In the text message that Jeffree allegedly sent, he also tells James "you need to be locked in prison for a very long time. You need the Internet taken away from you, you are a danger to society."

James maintains that nothing ever happened between himself and Grayson Dolan --  and that the twins were two of the first people to reach out to James and make sure he was okay when this happened.

In his video, James mentioned that he planned on speaking to both Jeffree and Tati about this situation in private, but felt like he had the right to address the issues publicly considering they were the first to make their videos and comments in the open.

The Social Media Pile-On

Towards the end of his video, James addressed the effect that the last few weeks have had on his mental health.

"The last few weeks of my life has literally been the most painful time that I've ever had to deal with.

"My head and brain, for a hot minute, went to a place so dark, that I didn't think I was going to come back from. I can't believe I just admitted that on camera."

James included the US sexual assault and suicide hotlines in the description of the video.

"I don't think any human being -- ever -- is prepared mentally or physically to deal with the pain and the anxiety to have millions and millions of people attacking you at one time," he said before coming close to tears.

"I've learned that if I could get through this, I can get through anything."

The YouTuber also added, "joining in on bandwagon hate and cancel culture is incredibly toxic and it's very concerning to me that we're going to 'guilty until proven innocent' instead of the other way around."

Since James released the video, Tati has responded saying that she's taking a break from social media in order to heal and that she is "disappointed to see it littered with so many lies and half truths".

That's everything you need to know about the latest instalment, we're sure this isn't the end, so make sure you stay tuned.

Featured Image: YouTube.