"Best Of Luck To You And Your Fedoras!"

There are some lines in history that are instantly iconic.

Shannon Noll yelling "I'm Shannon Noll, let me back into the Crazy Horse!" is one. Elisabeth Hasselback threatening to quit 'The View' while yelling "write about THAT in the New York f**king Post!!!" is another.

Today, we have a new entrant, by way of Iggy Azalea's Twitter. But first, let's cover the background so you can truly appreciate this in all its glory.

Guy Sebastian was on 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' this morning, and spilled a little tea about what it was like to work with Iggy while they were both judges on 'The X Factor' back in 2016.

"She made us all wait for like three hours, and rocks up [on set] and has an attitude," he said, adding: "I didn't like Iggy, I was pretty open with that. She was awful to me."

He also went on to say that she would turn up late and not apologise for keeping everyone waiting for three hours.

Quickly, word got back to Iggy, who fired off a Twitter thread detailing her problems with Guy.

Here is her list of grievances, presented in full for your reading pleasure:

1. How can you be late for a show that was filmed on LIVE television firstly... I’d love to know guy [sic]!

2. If you dislike me so much what’s up with all the interviews with you saying you expected to dislike me but that I’m really sweet and lovely?

3. Remember when half way [sic] into the season you started having “beef” with me that was entirely fabricated by the show and you told me you were sorry but you wanted to go along with “upstairs” requests to create “drama' so you could make sure you remained a judge for next season?

I remember it! And even told you, don’t sweat it[,] I understand we all have a job to do and money to make -- so go ahead Guy!

I love that you’re STILL using me to drum up attention for a show your [sic] on, what’s new?

Lastly: I do think you dislike me but that is just deep rooted hatred of the “type” of woman iam [sic], flamboyant and outspoken.

You could not handle me telling you what I thought about yourself projecting onto women contestants when it came to them wanting even a hint of sparkle.

Anyway; best of luck to you and your fedoras!

Everyone please watch guy Sebastian he’s on the voice [sic] Australia and he really, really desperately needs the ratings to feed his children. Xoxo

It's all very:

Iggy being Iggy, though, she was far from done. After wishing Guy and his fedoras well, she went on to throw a little more fuel on the fire, saying that Guy was "probably just mad" that she was paid more than him, and even went as far as to hashtag one of her tweets #ad, after calling her response to his interview "charity promo".

Since Iggy said she was going to delete all of these tweets within the hour -- a heads up we truly appreciated -- we grabbed the receipts while we could, to ensure that one of the greatest lines of the year wasn't lost forever. Please find the entire tirade in order below.

[Ed note: Guy publicly left Hillsong years ago because the church didn't align with his pro-LGBT views]


Photo: Getty Images / Twitter