'Jersey Shore' Cast Reunites Despite The Whole Prison Situation

The Situation is under construction.

After a long court case, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was sentenced last October to eight months in federal prison for tax evasion, and entered prison in January 2019.

"Michael accepts the Court's judgment. He is looking forward to marrying his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, next month, and moving forward together after he serves his sentence," Mike's attorney Henry E. Klingeman told E! News at the time.

Despite mercilessly dragging their pal and castmate on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' for not paying his taxes back in the day, the cast has remained close friends and supported The Sitch through this whole situation.

Accompanying him to his sentencing, the crew have all been checking in on Mike, visiting him and calling him "every day", according to Vinny.

"There's an app where we can talk to him, and he has a computer room that he goes to throughout the day," he told Jenny McCarthy.

Overnight, The Sitch posted a snap of his 'Jersey Shore' fam -- along with his wife Lauren, who was sporting #FreeSitch merch -- visiting him in prison.

"The Comeback Is Always Greater Than The Setback," he captioned the photo, which is another slogan you can buy on a T-shirt in his store, along with the #FreeSitch t-shirts. Hey, legal fees are pricy, right?

And while Pauly D and Vinny may not have made it this visit, they did drop by a few weeks ago, along with Lauren.

Feature image: Getty Images