Who Is Kathryn Newton And Why Is She Everywhere Right Now?

With two major projects dropping just this month, it's likely you've seen Kathryn around somewhere, even if you didn't realise it! Here's our handy guide to who she is, what she's in, where you know her from and what's next.

Who is she?

Kathryn Love Newton is a 22-year-old actress who was born in South Florida, USA.

She's also quite the fashionista, as well as an appreciator of fine memes:

What's she in?

Currently, Kathryn is starring in 'Detective Pikachu', as well as Netflix's new show 'The Society', which dropped last week. With two major projects dropping at the same time, she's kind of everywhere right now as she does press for both the film and the series, two projects she's super excited about.

"My friends from high school who are in college now went to go see 'Pokémon' the first night it came out last night, and that just made me so happy. Then I had my cousin and my aunt go see it," Kathryn told Teen Vogue. "So, it's been fun getting a lot of love right now."

Kathryn told Teen Vogue that although she's not much like her 'Society' character Allie -- rather, she's a "stay in my house, keep all the Cheetos to myself, and just wait" kinda gal -- she's thrilled to be a part of a show that shows how amazing teenagers are.

"You get to see what teenagers can do if they ran the world. They do a pretty good job" Kathryn said.

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She looks familiar, where do I know her from?

Kathryn's had a TON of stuff going on the past few years. Maybe you remember her from last year's comedy hit, 'Blockers', which she co-starred in with Gideon Adlon, who she's been reunited with on 'The Society'.

Maybe you remember her as Madeline McKenzie's (Reese Witherspoon) daughter Abigail in 'Big Little Lies'?

Or as Angela in 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'? She was the whole reason there were billboards!

Or perhaps you remember her from 'Paranormal Activity 4'!

She's also worked with Julia Roberts in 'Ben is Back', Saoirse Ronan in 'Lady Bird', and guest starred on 'Supernatural' over 2014-2018.

What's next for her?

'Big Little Lies' season two, baby! HBO's talent-packed hit will return in June, and in a recent interview with People Now, Kathryn revealed that Reese Witherspoon wanted her back so badly that she pulled some major Hollywood moves to clear Kathryn's schedule.

"When I got 'Pokémon' and 'Big Little Lies', I got them at the same time and I called Reese. I was crying, 'coz I had to pick one, 'coz of scheduling," Kathryn recalled. "She was like 'Kathryn, you need to do 'Pokémon', but you need to do 'Big Little Lies', because we got Meryl."

She continued: "She made it happen. She made the call, she called [the production company] Legendary [Pictures], and was like 'let's make it work!' and they made it work! That's a power play, right there. Reese, I love you!"

With a packed schedule and people like Reese Witherspoon putting in calls to ensure Kathryn gets to work with the best of the best, we're sure Kathryn's on her way to becoming a household name.

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