Jeffree Star Weighs In On James Charles Drama: 'He Is A Danger To Society'

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus have since unfollowed James Charles.

After YouTube star Tati Westbrook dropped a major bombshell that she would be cutting ties with former friend James Charles in the form of a 40-minute video, social media has gone into meltdown over the drama.

For all those who have NFI when it comes to the ever-dramatic world of YouTuber drama, here's a quick rundown...

Basically, Tati -- a longtime YouTuber and founder of Halo Beauty -- is credited with mentoring James Charles, with the 19-year-old previously saying Tati was the reason he got into makeup in the first place.

In fact, the pair are so close that they starred in each other's videos several times, with James even doing Tati's makeup for her wedding day.

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Anyway, during Coachella's first weekend, James shared a sponsored post for SugarBear vitamins on Insta -- which is the direct competitor of Tati's Halo Beauty, which clearly annoyed the 37-year-old in a huge way, as she later dropped a video titled “Bye Sister”, where she said she felt "disrespected" and "used" after supporting James for so long, as well as accusing him of being "ungrateful".

"How entitled do you have to be to think that you have it rough? You are a 19-year-old millionaire. You do not get to wake up and stress out about how unfair your job is. That is so ridiculous to me," she said in the video.

"Get off your high horse and have some respect. You don't have any for the people who are in this industry and that's the sad fact."

She added, "You sold out me, but you threw away our friendship. You lied to me, made up a story, you knew this would be embarrassing for me. No, our relationship is not transactional. I have never asked you for anything in return."

She continued to say that the openly gay star has tried to "manipulate" people's sexuality and regularly boast about wanting to turn straight men gay.

"The last phone conversation me and James Charles had, is that he said something about a situation that happened at my birthday in Seattle,’ she paused for a moment before adding: ‘Oh my God, you tried to trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay, yet again -- and somehow you’re the victim?"

"You are using your fame, power and money to play with people's emotions. I don't want to be friends with you. I don't want to be associated with you."

James replied to the accusations in his own video, where he apologised to Tati and her husband. 

"I'm sorry for every that that is going on, everything that I put you through over the past few weeks," he said at the top of his upload. He called his former mentor "an amazing person" and that she "truly does want the best for everybody around her."

He concluded, "I'm so disappointed in myself that I hurt her".

Now, the drama has since snowballed into gargantuan proportions, after makeup mogul Jeffree Star weighed in on the matter over Twitter in a now-deleted tweet that read, "There is a reason that [my partner] Nathan [Schwandt] banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again. There's a reason why I haven't seen him since [Tati]'s birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."

Jeffree Star tweets amid James Charles tweet fiasco
In a now-deleted tweet Star called James Charles "a danger to society". Photo: Twitter.

He also added a shady post in which he congratulated Tati for hitting 6 million subscribers on her YouTuber channel.

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The feud has had a major effect on James' follower count, with his subscribers dropping from 16 million to around 14 million within two days -- according to SocialBlade -- while Tati's subscriber count has seen a gain of around the same amount.

Celebrities also seem to be taking sides amid the feud, with Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes just a handful of the stars who have also clicked unfollow.

And the drama continues...

Image: Youtube