Gossip Guru Craig Bennett Reveals The Best And Worst Celeb Run-Ins He's Had

Craig Bennett is a self-confessed gossip tragic who has rubbed shoulders with the glitterati for decades.

Scoping out scandals and dishing the dirt ever since his cadet journalist to the internationally-recognised gossip guru he is today.

Now, in the wake of his biography 'True Confessions of a Shameless Gossip' being released, Studio 10's entertainment guru spilled all the tea on the Hollywood heavyweights he's met over the years, with his wild stories ranging from sneaking into Cher's dressing room to Jeanne Little confiding in him that she believes she was abducted by aliens.

We've rounded up just a couple of the juicy tidbits he gave us below, but to check out the whole shebang of salacious stories, you can get Craig's book True Confessions Of A Shameless Gossip here. 

Sweetest Celeb: Angela Lansbury

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"Most certainly Dame Angela Lansbury who is -- gosh, she's 93 now! She's been a legend for 70 years. I'll tell you why she was so wonderful -- because when you chat with a lot of Hollywood stars, they always have an army of publicists and minders who say 'you can't say this!' or 'don't ask this!'," Craig told 10 daily.

"I interviewed her at her beautiful home in Brentwood, in Los Angeles for Studio 10 last year, and there was no makeup people, no assistants, nothing like that. She came to the front door, she made cups of tea, she provided the crew with beautiful French pastries and she was just absolutely divine and stunning!"

Worst Celeb: Julian Clary

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"In terms of a celebrity that I've not enjoyed being in company with, it would have to be, I would say alleged comedy king Julian Clary, who was meant to be guesting on Studio 10," he began.

"We're all imagining that Julian Clary is going to be absolutely fabulous, a barrel of laughs -- that's certainly that's the image. From seeing him on TV or at his shows you'd think,  'Wow! This man is just so absolutely camp and crazy, wonderfully over the top, he must be a hoot to meet!'"

He added, "Well, he must've been having a bad hair day because he was grumpy and cantankerous! He just sat on the Studio 10 panel like some catatonic blob who barely smiled and was verging on being rude."

He continued, "Then and after about an hour, he was obviously bored, he just got up and left! It was totally and utterly crazy. So in terms of being a diva and an essentially unpleasant person, he would have to win the Gold Logie for most awful TV guest."

Most bizarre celeb confession: Jeanne Little

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"Oh, my darling friend Jeannie Little! We've been close since the '80s, and she told me years ago that she had taken by aliens -- and wasn't joking! She was absolutely serious. And she's told the story dozens and dozens of times over the decades," Craig began.

"So when she was 15 or so, she was in her bedroom reading a book and she heard this strange whirring noise overhead, and then this shadow came over the back yard and the room began to shake. Suddenly, she swept out of the window and to the underside of a UFO -- and after that, she doesn't remember anything else except being spat out and returned back to her bedroom," he continued.

"She was absolutely, absolutely serious. I said, 'Oh, come on Jean! That's hilarious'. But she said, 'It's absolutely true, darling!' And she would always tell this same story to everyone!"

 Strangest thing Craig's done: Sneaking into Cher's dressing room

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"This was in Sydney, she was in Australia for her 'Herat of Stone' tour back in 1990. So, I knew somebody who knew somebody -- the usual story. It was opening night and I was invited backstage for a quick look around and whatnot."

"Well, as it turned out, Cher was in her 'zen room' with all her aromatherapy things going and all of that. So, while Cher's off getting her zen on, I notice her dressing room door was open -- which had her name on it, of course," he added.

"So I peek inside and there are rows of wigs and the fabulous costumes she's worn on stage... So I just went in there and I tried on one of the big blonde wigs!" he laughed.

"Unfortunately, it was 1990 and I didn't have a mobile phone and I couldn't do a quick selfie, which is a great shame because I'm sure people think I'm making it up, but my hand is on my heart and she wore this ENORMOUS white fake fur coat, so I tried that on too!"

"Then I see there was a packet of 'celestial seasonings' tea on which had a giant 'DO NOT TOUCH' across it, so I thought, 'Look, I've made it this far. I've got into her wigs, I still haven't been arrested," he continued.

"So I stole a teabag! Now, how many people can boast that? It's absolutely true, I swear on my life!"

True Confessions of a Shameless Gossip is out now.

Image: Network 10.