Amy Poehler Declared Herself The 'Biggest Fan' Of Judge Judy

Amy Poehler made a surprise appearance at the Daytime Emmys to present Judge Judith Sheindlin with a lifetime achievement award.

Poehler paid tribute to the queen of settling petty disputes, declaring herself Judge Judy's "biggest fan" for a whole host of reasons.

"She sets clear boundaries and does not allow people to humiliate each other, and you better not lie, but if you do and admit it, she will say, 'Good for you!'" gushed Poehler, per the Hollywood Reporter.

The 'Parks And Recreation' star added that Judge Judy is an international treasure for getting people through "long shifts at work, during breakups and breakdowns, while breastfeeding, while helping their kids with homework".

Poehler pointed out that Sheindlin represents "what it means to have a woman know her worth on and offscreen" and that she's "the Jewish mother we all want".

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Sheindlin was clearly chuffed by the tribute and declared Poehler to be her "new BFF" -- and it makes total sense that Leslie Knope and Judge Judy would be best friends in real life. 

Although Poehler might need to fight Amy Schumer for the title of 'biggest Judge Judy fan' because Schumer has made it pretty clear how much she loves the show, even turning up in the background of an episode taped in 2017 with this perfect side-eye.

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