Ange Bishop Reveals The Worst Celebrity Interview In 30 Years

After 30 years in the game, there are not many A-listers that could faze Ange Bishop.

But after taking a trip down memory lane recalling some of her fondest moments on-air, Ange recalled on The Sunday Project that sometimes, not everything goes to plan.

"I've had a couple of awkward ones," she said, naming 'Bonnie and Clyde' actress Faye Dunaway as an interviewee who didn't particularly make things easy for her.

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Bishop said that she'd just flown in from London after an interview with Kate Hudson and was trying desperately to beat the jetlag and stay awake -- so she decided to ask for some inside intel from a certain rock and roll legend.

"So I was chatting to Mick Jagger who was on the exercise bike next to me down in the gym as I was trying to stay awake," Bishop began, in a sentence that, seriously, not many people would be able to utter.

Mick promised that Faye was "was cool", and Bishop headed off for the press junket full of hope.

Unfortunately, Faye wasn't in a ~cool~ mood that day and recoiled when Bishop put out her hand to introduce herself.

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"Ladies don't shake hands!" Dunaway apparently told Ange, lifting her palms in the air.

"And I went, 'oh, this is going to be hard to rescue'" recalled Bishop, adding that with a five-minute interview window, "if it's started that badly, it's very hard to get it back on the rails".

Ange revealed that the next time she crossed paths with Faye, she kept her hands firmly behind her back, like the true pro that she is.

Main Image: Network 10.