Louis CK Is Making Sure No One Can Record His Upcoming Comedy Gigs

Controversial comedian Louis CK is going to extraordinary lengths to make sure none of his new material surfaces online.

Earlier this year, CK was widely criticised after leaked audio recordings from a show found him to be making fun of school shooting survivors, mocking non-binary people, and making racist comments about Asian men.

CK is playing eight sold-out shows in Minneapolis in the US this month and the Acme Comedy Comedy has posted some very specific instructions for ticket holders on its website, which would prevent the comedian's set from going viral again.

All attendees must surrender their phones and smart watches to be stored in Yondr pouches -- secure cases that prevent users from taking calls, recording videos or using social media during gigs.

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The pouches have become increasingly popular with comedians looking to create phone-free experiences -- Hannah Gadsby fans will pop their phones into Yondr pouches throughout her worldwide tour this year -- but CK has taken his quest for privacy a step further.

The new shows are advertised as "XXX Adults only" and the comedian has laid down some strict copyright rules to prevent anyone from calling out inappropriate jokes -- a practice that's currently unheard of in the comedy community.

"Louis CK owns all rights in the content and materials, including any jokes and sketches (the “Materials”), delivered during his performance," the rules state.

The instructions go on to say that "written consent" must be obtained by CK before any of his materials make their way outside the confines of the comedy club "in any form", meaning he's trying to stop people from even verbally discussing what goes down in the "adults only" shows. 

The rules have been met with derision online -- particularly in regards to his use of the word 'consent'.

In November 2017, CK was accused by five women of sexual misconduct -- allegations that the comedian admitted to, and apologised for, in a statement published by The New York Times.

The question has also been raised on Twitter as to how CK can possibly prevent someone from verbally recounting any of his material.

Some pundits have called out the Acme Comedy Company for booking shows with CK, in light of the sexual misconduct allegations, and recent controversial standup material.

The club has not yet publicly responded and CK's shows are set to go ahead this week.

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