Channing Tatum Just Posted A Nude Photo And The Internet Is In Shambles

Order us a casket because we're dead rn.

Everyone hail your new queen, Jessie J, because if weren't for her we wouldn't have been #Blessed with a fine AF photo of a wet and near-naked Channing Tatum on this fine Thursday morning.

Waking us up more than coffee ever could, the '22 Jump Street' star posted a majorly NSFW snap on social media of himself in the shower completely nekked -- save for his hands covering up his manhood.

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"I lost a game of Jenga to Jessica Cornish," he captioned the post.

"The loser (me) had to post a picture the other person (Jessica Cornish) picked... Smh and fml... I’m never playing Jenga with her ever again... 🚿 + 🐰 📸 : @jessiej"

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No, please always play Jenga with Jessie J. And please always lose.

Naturally, the internet has since lost its collective sh*t over the saucy snap, from which it may never recover.

The tsunami of thirsty comments didn't go unnoticed by the couple, either, with Channing posting a cheeky photo of himself of Jessie on his Instagram story with the caption, "Us watching the likes go up on my last post."

Image: Instagram

I think I speak for us all when I say, God bless you, Jessie J, you're doing the Lord's work.

Image: Getty