'Sorry, Buddy!' Sam Neill Accidentally Knocks Grandson Over In Hilarious Video

Sam Neill's Twitter page has continued to be the most wholesome, joyous place on the Internet.

The Jurassic Park actor regularly posts photos from his farm and vineyard in New Zealand, especially to provide updates about his beloved pigs.

But a new star of Neill's page has emerged -- his tiny grandson who made the mistake of entering into a game of football with his merciless granddad.

"Come on, give me the ball," Neill says to the toddler, who passes over the enormous bouncy ball.

The 71-year-old then innocently kicks the ball straight into his grandson's face, knocking him clean off his feet and on to his bottom in a clip worthy of Funniest Home Videos. 

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"Ooh, geez, you okay?" Neill asks, clearly trying to suppress his giggles.

"Sorry, buddy!" he told the child, who was completely unfazed by the knockout, already climbing back onto his feet.

"My grandson. Hilarious. Great kid. Don't worry ...picks himself up, laughs and back into it," Neill wrote on Twitter.

The clip comes just two weeks after Neill gave us this soothing, inspirational video of a pep talk he gave his duck by a lake.

And all we'd like to say is, can we please come and live on your farm, Sam?

Main Image: Twitter/@SamNeill.