People Are Selling Grass From Kanye West’s Sunday Service On eBay

No, not that type of grass...

Adding to the increasingly bizarre sessions that are Kanye West's Sunday Service, fans have now taken it one step further and are selling tufts of literal grass allegedly collected from the rapper's performance during Coachella on Easter Sunday.

The "Holy Grass" -- as one eBay seller has dubbed it -- is currently selling across eBay for a range of prices, with one listing already seeing bids up to a whopping $440 (which also includes socks the rapper was selling at Coachella).

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Image: eBay

Another listing attempting to sell some of the #Blessed greenery read: "GRASS FRESH CUT BLESSED BY THE SOUND OF KANYE’S VOICE AND KID CUDI’S HUMMING.” So that's something, we guess?

Many of the listings seem to have a significant amount of bidders vying for the blades of grass, which means that, for whatever reason, there seems to be a demand for random chunks of ground that may or may not have been sourced from one's own backyard, 'coz who would really even be able to tell?

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Given the steep prices of Kanye's merchandise that was sold during Coachella, we're not overly surprised at the cost of the supposed "Holy Grass."

The range included everything from sweatshirts and sweatpants to T-shirts and socks, with sweatshirts being sold for $225, while socks cost $50 a pair.

The "Holy Spirit" sweatshirt -- which has seen being worn by artists such as Pharrell -- sold for $165.

If you happen to be in the market for some freshly cut chunks of greenery, you can check out one listing here -- though they, unfortunately, don't ship to Australia.

Image: Getty