Swifties Spot Huge Political Statement Hidden In Taylor Swift's Website

While Taylor Swift continues to release cryptic photos ahead of her new album launch, eagle-eyed fans also noticed a strong political statement quietly hidden in plain sight.

Swift has sent fans hysterical by posting inane photos of baby chicks, bicycles, rainbows, hearts, pastels and flowers on social media forcing everyday tweens to turn into detectives as they try to decipher clues to her upcoming album.

One of the only hints the pop star has been kind enough to give her fans -- aka Swifties -- is the release date -- the 26th of April -- and her website features a massive clock counting down the seconds until she releases what looks like a rainbow fantasia.

That website also features a quiet political rebellion where fans can sign up to her mailing list. On Swift's site, in the "Your Country" section it lists Palestine as "Palestinian Territory, Occupied".

Many other artists either don't list the Palestinian Territories or certainly don't list them in-line with the United Nation's addition of the Occupied status.

Huge Political Statement Hidden On Taylor Swift's Website
When listing countries, Swift's website notes the Palestinian Territories are "Occupied". Image:

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Swift has quietly ramped up her political voice since October last year where she broke her trademarked silence posting on Instagram ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

In her essay for Elle in March, Swift also said one of the greatest lessons she has learned recently was finding her political voice.

"I took a lot of time educating myself on the political system and the branches of government that are signing off on bills that affect our day-to-day life," the recording artist wrote.

Seeming to take a swipe at US President Donald Trump's administration Swift continued to say, "Invoking racism and provoking fear through thinly veiled messaging is not what I want from our leaders, and I realised that it actually is my responsibility to use my influence against that disgusting rhetoric."

While these comments seemed honed in on the US Presidential Election coming up next year, it appears Swift has also decided to speak out about global issues also.

Swift's Pro-Palestine message also comes just several weeks after a fan of hers went viral for refusing to enlist in Isreal's mandatory military service. The woman running the @LegitTayUpdates Twitter account posted updates from jail and continued to stan her fave while behind bars.

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