Grant Denyer Back In Hospital After 'Dancing With The Stars' Finale

After powering through Monday's grand finale of 'Dancing with the Stars', Grant Denyer has reportedly returned to the hospital.

About a month ago Grant tore a disc in his back while hammering pegs into his paddock, securing some new trees. The injury caused him to be hospitalised for weeks, suffering from severe pains.

Speaking to 10 daily a few weeks ago, Grant described experiencing "lightning pains that knock your feet out from under you," which meant he had to step aside from his morning radio shifts and his co-hosting gig on Dancing with the Stars.

But ahead of the show's grand finale last Monday, Grant was determined to return to stand beside Amanda Keller when awarding Samuel Johnson the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Unfortunately, it looks like Gant's road to recovery is a little longer than expected.

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On Tuesday his wife Chezzi Denyer posted to Instagram that after his return to work he was still suffering from significant pain -- despite having two epidurals to assist with pain management.

"He has decided to take a further two weeks off all work to be admitted to a Sports Physiotherapy Recovery Hospital to attempt to recover from his injury," she wrote adding that their family are optimistic Grant would return to his former pain-free self soon after.

It's been a difficult few weeks for the Denyer clan, as Grant was recovering from his injury their older daughter Sailor fell from playground equipment, breaking her arm.

"My wife is buying Panadol in bulk," Grant joked.

Despite his ongoing injury, Grant is optimistic that he'll return to work as good as new -- with his new series, Celebrity Name Game soon to debut on 10.

"I can't wait to be back on at 6 pm," he told 10 daily earlier, describing the show as "so ludicrously wonderful and, at times, insanely stupid".

Celebrity Name Game is coming soon to 6pm weeknights.