Why You Keep Seeing 'Ontas' Everywhere And What It Means

What actually is 'Ontas'?

You may have been people on social media posting variations of "Ontas" online, with a bunch of celebs either getting around it or simply adding their voice to the chorus of "what the hell?"

Here's where it all started.

"Ontas" is basically like a Spanish iteration of "you up?", the kind of message you get at 3am from someone who ignores you in a social setting but blows up your DMs when you least expect it.

It's a shortened version of "Dónde estás?" aka "where are you?" and celebs began to see more and more fans commenting on their Instagrams and responding on Twitter with it so much that it eventually became a meme.

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Ontas is also often followed by "Te pago el uber" or "I'll pay for the Uber" which is also making the rounds.

Diplo even captioned his most recent thirst-trap with it, cementing it as the 2019 f**kboy call to arms.

So there you go, and now you know.

Featured image: Instagram @diplo / Twitter @xserrano9.