Tracy Morgan Says Being Hit By A Truck Was His Second Chance

The comedian survived a deadly collision in 2014, which killed his friend James McNair.

In a case of art imitating life, in the 30 Rock star's latest project he returns to his Brooklyn roots for comedy series The Last O.G., in which he plays a man who has just been released from prison after 15 years to find his old neighbourhood is completely different to how he remembered.

"When I got hit by the truck I was given a second chance and I just wanted to incorporate that into the show," he told E! News. "You don't have to get hit by a truck, you don't have to get shot, you don't have to get stabbed, you don't have to go to prison," he continued.

"You could simply just lay down in your bed and not wake up. So we have to be thankful every day that there's a second chance for everybody."

He added that one positive to come from the accident is that he's no longer afraid of anything.

"Am I a scared guy? Baby listen, I'm from Brooklyn," he said. "And if you're from Brooklyn, you ain't never scared. I got hit by a truck, so I ain't never scared."

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Last year, the 50-year-old opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the horrific accident, and how his two-year-old daughter Maven was a large part of his recovery.

"[Doctors] gave me a two percent chance of living, but God gave me a second chance," he explained on Ellen.

"I missed her first birthday because I was in a coma, but I got to see her take her first steps," Morgan said.

"And that inspired me that night. Me and my wife saw her walk for the first time. I got out of my wheelchair and I started to walk. I mean, my wife went crazy because my femur was still in pieces, but she inspired me to get out of my wheelchair and walk."

The Last OG can be streamed on Stan.

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