Emma Thompson Claims Prince William Nicked Her Nips At Buckingham Palace

Appearing on 'The Ellen Show', Emma Thompson revealed becoming a dame can be quite painful.

Firstly, the ever hilarious star of Late Night lamented the title of "Dame" saying it didn't pack the same punch as "Sir".

"It's different, isn't it, it's kind of 'Here's the dame'... Okay! Could be anyone, she probably drinks," Thompson joked.

Ellen pressed for more details about the ceremony at Buckingham Palace where Thompson was made a dame, prompting Thompson to recall some prickly information.

"You get a big old badge, in fact, you get two badges," Thompson said, before showing Ellen the awkward moment she had -- or two awkward moments.

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"He pins it right there," Thompson said miming the badge pinning, "It's a little bit of a nipple moment! You go 'Gosh, I wasn't expecting that!' And then he pins another one underneath," she continued. "I'm pretty low-slung these days, so both times it hurt!"

"I made a very loud and inappropriate noise in Buckingham Palace, it's not a surprise, is it."

Later during the "Burning Questions" segment, Thompson fondly answered the one person she wanted to perform a love scene with was Prince William. "Oh wait no, he's not an actor," she joked.

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Her almost nipple piercing wasn't the only awkward moment for Thompson who was introduced as Emma Stone and later was almost referred to as "Dame Edna".

Luckily the daytime host made up for things by dedicating a toilet to Thompson as a celebration of her upcoming 60th birthday.

Emma Thompson Claims Prince William Nicked Her Nips At Buckingham Palace
Emma Thompson may have been made a dame by Prince William, but Ellen dedicated a whole toilet to her! Image: Youtube.

Now that's what we call a royal flush! (Ugh, sorry.)

Check out the full chat between Emma Thompson and Ellen here.

Featured image: Getty Images.