Grant Denyer’s Daughter Breaks Her Arm And Joins Dad In Hospital

It wasn't the visit from his daughter that Grant Denyer was hoping for.

Just days after the Network 10 star was admitted to hospital with serious back issues, his eldest daughter Sailor, 7, has also found herself requiring medical attention after a mishap in the playground.

"You won't believe this... Sailor has now broken her arm on the monkey bars," Denyer wrote on Instagram alongside a snap of an unimpressed Sailor with her right arm in a sling.

"Mum's currently buying Panadol in bulk from Costco. If you want us, we'll be ordering the family meal in the Denyer Wing of the hospital."

Grant's wife Chezzi shared the same image of their daughter with the caption, "Oh no. Another Denyer down... It’s really not our year, is it?"

She also shared an adorable photo of Grant and Sailor cuddling in Grant's hospital bed while watching a movie on an iPad.

"Toasted ham and cheese croissant for lunch... And an extended viewing of Disney’s Descendants 2 movie.. PLUS a couple of hours worth of cuddles.. And I’m bringing home one happy little girl," Chezzi wrote.

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Dad-of-two Grant was forced to receive medical attention in March after a backyard accident saw him rupture his L1 disc in his back -- a decade after his traumatic racing injury.

"I was down the paddock, mate, with my Akubra on, my flannos, just slamming away on a star picket with a huge sledgehammer and twang -away it went," Grant told his 2Day FM breakfast co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Ash London.

Chezzi told Kavalee and London, "He found out yesterday he's got an annular fissure, which is a tear in his lower disc, so it's incredibly painful and it basically makes it impossible for him to walk, sit, or do anything other than lie on his left side."

"He's in a lot of pain and it's really difficult to watch. It took me back to when he broke his back 10 years ago because the pain is so intense when he moves that you can't help but get quite angry, and that's not in his nature," she continued.

"Also on top of that, he feels like he's let the world down, he's let you guys down because he wants to be at work and it's a really busy period, so he's just doing his best."

We hope both Denyers have a speedy recovery!

Image: Instagram