Tobey Maguire Is Apparently A Competitive Puzzler Now

Tobey Maguire has revealed that he's been lured into the heady world of competitive jigsaw-puzzling.

The Spider-Man actor recently listed a few of his hobbies in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter and casually mentioned that he's been getting stuck into assembling cardboard shapes -- but with the added fun of working in teams under a stressful time limit.

"I’ve done a couple jigsaw puzzles recently," he told the website, adding that a buddy of his had "introduced me to competitive puzzling".

For anyone who's only ever quietly jigsawed on the kitchen table on a rainy day, Maguire's producing partner Matthew Plouffe explained in the interview that Puzzle Posse parties are a lot more exciting.

jigsaw puzzle satisfying GIF

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Plouffe described a situation in which 30 people split up into groups of four "and everyone gets the same 250-piece puzzle, and you race against the clock".

It sounds incredibly stressful but also a very different environment from the illegal Texas Hold'Em poker tournaments that Maguire allegedly used to take part in, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Nelly and Alex Rodriguez.

Maguire faced a lawsuit back in 2011 for his alleged part in the unlicensed poker games -- after a bankruptcy trustee claimed his winnings came from the clients of convicted Ponzi scheme mastermind, Brad Ruderman.

The actor strongly disputed the claims but ended up paying $80,000 to settle the lawsuit.

Which makes competitive puzzling seem like a much more relaxing hobby --unless it's actually underground, unlicensed puzzling with a high stakes cash prize.

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