Jamie Lee Curtis Recreated Those Iconic Paparazzi Shots From 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis has recreated the scene that launched a thousand memes.

Way back in 2010, the Halloween star was snapped in the middle of lunch with a friend in Los Angeles -- and the pair seemed to be having a little disagreement.

Curtis was photographed in the middle of a stern monologue that involved some seriously impressive finger-wagging, angry water drinking and a gaze that pierced through those transition lenses.

No-one is quite sure what really went down during the Venice Beach lunch, or whatever happened to Curtis' friend -- but the photos went viral and have been a steady fan favourite for close to a decade.

Now, the Meme Queen has graciously acknowledged the historical importance of the photos -- and recreated the scene eight years later.

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Curtis posted the photos to Twitter, using Game Grumps' co-host Dan Avidan as a stand-in for her petrified friend -- and fans are applauding the flawless recreation.

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But her followers seem to be even more impressed that the photos were taken after Jamie Lee was a guest on Game Grumps -- a video game YouTube channel -- along with her son, Tom.

The pair played Super Mario Party -- and the hour-long recording begins with Curtis making a joke about disgraced Theranos founder and alleged scam queen, Elizabeth Holmes.

"No, I'm not Elizabeth Holmes, I'm Jamie!" she promised. "But I'm going to pretend to be Elizabeth Holmes," she added, lowering her voice a few registers.

The Scream Queen/Nintendo crossover also features Curtis calling dibs on Princess Peach, swearing profusely and mercilessly roasting her competitors -- a true gift to us all.

Main Image: Twitter/@JamieLeeCurtis