Joel Creasey Demands Logies Showdown With Lisa Wilkinson

It's a good ol' fashioned showdown.

Stopping by The Sunday Project, comedian, writer and star of Show Me The MovieJoel Creasey talked about his ongoing feuds with various celebs and public figures and issued a new challenge to our very own Lisa Wilkinson.

Speaking on the last day for public voting in the Logies Joel admitted he was "desperate" for people to vote for him.

"I need to get through to the next stage, right, down to the final five because I want to lose to you Lisa," Joel said.

According to the Take Me Out host, his plan is to get to the final stages of voting, to re-create the 2006 Country Music Association Awards where Faith Hill lost to Carrie Underwood.

As all finalists were on camera as the award for Female Vocalist of the Year was read out, Hill absolutely loses it, screaming at the camera.

Creasey said he plans to throw a spectacular tantrum as the winner -- Lisa -- is read out on the night.

"I smash my glass, me and Scotty Cam get in a punch-up... I'm like 'Ranger Stacy we're out of here, let's go'."

His flair for the dramatic also wasn't lost on one Meghan Markle when they met last year.

"I got invited to meet her and we did NOT get on at all," Joel said.

Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex was introduced to Joel -- who hosted the Royal Wedding for SBS -- but before Joel could explain his hosting role was an Aussie production.

According to the comedian, the former Suits star sniped, "I don't remember you being there."

"So I fired back with, 'Because you didn't invite me!'"

Promising more details and even more incredible stories of all his feuds, Joel's show Drink. Slay. Repeat which is currently part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Featured image: Network 10