Turns Out The Twins From 'Us' Played Baby Emma On 'Friends'

The twins who played Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma on 'Friends' are all grown up.

And fans of the sitcom have been shocked to their core after discovering the identical sisters were cast in Jordan Peele's latest horror flick, Us. 

Cali and Noelle Sheldon play the daughters of Elisabeth Moss' character in the film -- Becca and Lindsey Tyler -- as seen in this still with Shahadi Wright Joseph.

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Which is confusing the hell out of Friends fans who are wondering how Emma is already old enough to be walking and talking and wearing a Black Flag t-shirt!

Us is set to hit Australian cinemas on Thursday but viewers in the States have described the appearance of two grown-up Emma Gellar-Greens as the "biggest mind f***" of the whole horror movie.

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The twins appeared on seasons nine and ten of Friends as babies so they don't really remember anything about their time on set, according to an article from Bustle in 2015.

At the time of the interview, the Sheldons were just 12 and said they hadn't seen a single episode of the comedy because of its PG-13 rating -- but loved that Jennifer Aniston was briefly their "TV mom".

"She's so famous, and I'm just a regular person, so it's really cool," said Noelle.

Four years later and the twins are about to turn 17 this June -- which makes them Geminis just like the Olsen twins, coincidence? We think not.

Us will be released in Australian cinemas on Thursday, March 28.

Main Image: Getty Images.